Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My Thoughts For The New Year

So, it's now 2011. Another new year and another year to see what thoughts I can share with others of like-mindedness. I like to share my thoughts. People seem to be interested in what I have to say. I don't know why. I have come across a few "groupies" this last year and had a few people still recognize me from my "TV days". I am greatly amused because I am nobody. I did a few things with a few people that were considered celebrities and people think I'm something. I wish I could follow through with that and really do something great but that's not going to happen. But who knows!!

Looking at last year has been very disappointing. The amount of people out there that want to be ghost hunters is incredible. The amount of people that want to learn how to be a ghost hunter is also incredible. Unfortunately, it's not the incredible that is of a good way. People just want to go out and do it. They don't want to learn the simple basics of ghost hunting. I find this very sad. It only behooves people to learn so that when the next round of ghost hunters go to the very same spot, they are not chastised or driven off because of some silly action the previous group has done. I hear far too often of ghost hunters that are accused of stealing, destroying property or ruining an invitation so others can't follow behind. It's very distressing. Learning is cheap. It usually doesn't cost anything other time, considering the amount of people doing what I'm doing right now which is blogging or putting information on their websites.

People continue to contact me to form a coalition. My question again to everyone is why. People cannot see eye-to-eye. There are always bad feelings, hard feelings, nasty comments, backstabbing....the list goes on and on. Check your egos at the door - PLEASE!! People do not understand what I, as an oldster (not old, just older than the young'uns that are trying to walk in my footsteps right now), have tried to do and the timing was not right. Form a coalition? Did that. Build an investigation database? Did that. Join groups together on an investigation? Did that. All these things failed because of the list of problems I talked about.

Now that my whine session is concluded, here are my thoughts for 2011:

1. I hope that psychics and mediums can do a great job. Not a good job but a great job. It would make more of us believers and be able to work better with us instead of us still being skeptical.
2. I hope the skeptics would take a day and have an open mind. It would make my work so much easier when I actually get around to proving something to them.
3. I hope the paranormal community could find a way to work with each other instead of without each other. Again, check your egos at the door.
4. Since the paranormal community can't work together, let's find a nice way to avoid each other and not post nasty comments about each other or a group online. They always do find a way to bite you in the behind and it's just not nice.
5. Remember that not everything you do should be geared toward getting that next big TV/movie/documentary deal. You should be in this for research and fun and vice versa.
6. I hope that those that go to "haunted" sites do not ruin, destroy, delapidate, wreck, etc., any site and make it virtually impossible for those of us who would like to visit.
7. I hope that ghost hunters remember there is nothing that is "yours". Property belongs to everybody unless you own it. Put down your territorial walls and let others in. Share. There should be no exclusivity unless you own the property. Share.
8. Lastly, and most importantly, be excellent to each other!!! Stop all the in-fighting, nastiness, anger, hatred and backstabbing. If you choose to be a nasty, angry person, keep it to yourself. Let all those others be happy and have a good time. Don't ruin things for everyone else.

Well, there it is. My hopes and thoughts for a better 2011. Will it work? Will anyone listen? Probably not. It's not the way things are nor how they work. People have different emotions and personalities and getting them to all be happy and work in a way that we would like just isn't the way life goes. I can only hope that maybe some time we can all see that wonderful light and smile!!

Things are looking up!!

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Experiments Are Tested Again

Currently, while we have ongoing investigations and other events that are part of our regular activities, we also make every effort to conduct experiments every chance we get. These experiments can take many different forms. An experiment can be viewing video footage from an area we've been at using different cameras using the same area. It can be testing ones' self using different equipment and its' relationship to the particular person or area or just researching using different archival sites and trying to find the correlation in this area, building or property.

Sometimes I will conduct an impromptu experiment as I did in the Meek Mansion and McConaghy House that was an integral part of our 2010 conference. We had world renowned psychic detective, John J. Oliver, as a guest speaker and, while the attendees to our conference waited patiently (in very cold weather I might add - what troopers!!), I had John walk through the buildings and give me his impressions to see exactly what I might find. I found this experiment to be successful as a few people have told me that they had "deja vu" events (as did John in the Meek Mansion) as well as other psychic impressions. Many were very close or right on the mark.

Another experiment I have been working on for close to three years is trying to see just how psychic I can be. I have never considered myself psychic. I have never told anyone that I was psychic because I didn't feel I was. I have talked to many, many, MANY "psychics" who have told me that all I needed to do was one thing - listen to as many CD's on psychic development as I could. I have had more than one "psychic" tell me this. Many told me to attend as many psychic classes as I could but I just haven't taken the time for those. Nevertheless, my thought was perhaps there was something to this line of thinking. While many followed up their thoughts with, "you must believe you are psychic", I did have trouble with that because how can you believe that you are psychic if you are not psychic or don't think you are. But an experiment is an experiment.

I have bought so many CD's over the years that I think I can verbalize them all without even putting them on the player. I placed them on my iPod. I have walked with them. I have slept with them. I have gently "fondled" my iPod - much more so than my sleeping husband - in the hopes of having a breakthrough. All of this to no avail. While I have noticed some very subtle differences, it is difficult to distinguish if this is the CD's or just the fact that I try to meditate. Note I said try to meditate. I have discovered that I'm not very good at that but I continue to try and in the midst of trying, I happen to fall asleep. Believe it or not, I have had "psychics" tell me that falling asleep is okay too, that that means that I was meditating so deeply that I fell asleep. Okay, I'll take that.

I have quite a collection of these CD's from all the "name brand" psychics. Each with a different thought on how to become a psychic and develop my gifts. Again, all I have been able to do is try to meditate but I have noticed that I can be a bit of a beacon. It is difficult to distinguish if this is doing any good at all in my quest to become psychic because my home is apparently semi-haunted anyway. I have noticed the typical noises, doors closing, motion detected lights going on by themselves, footsteps and the occasional humming. So am I a beacon as those who are "real" psychics? I fear not.

While people say that they want to be like me, I tell them I want to be like John or many of the other psychics who have this ability to help. That is really my quest. To help as they do.

This does bring me to another point. The fact that I am currently working on a case for a very nice gentleman and his family. I have had "impressions" or pictures in my head that occur when I am emailing him. While I question these pictures, I have again put myself in experimental mode and told myself that these pictures are the real thing and pass this information on to this client. Interestingly and amazingly, we are striking gold. I have been communicating with him for probably close to two months and some very interesting things have been occurring. I am beside myself with giddiness. I was told not to rethink myself, to keep pushing and trying and to believe what I am doing.

Well John, you are correct. It seems that I am doing something right and I have you to thank. You did not steer me to CD's, having my aura read, having a reading for myself or the necessity to attend any classes. You told me things and I listened. You were matter-of-fact about your information and did not try to unduly influence other than to say things that were simple and easy to understand.

While I appreciated his information during his lecture, his easygoing and approachable nature, I am further intimidated by the fact that this man who has this amazing ability was able to get me to listen to him. I find it difficult at times to listen to anyone, yet I listened. I hope this is the beginning of a new found appreciation of this ability and another experiment that seems to be working!!!

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our 2010 Conference's Results

Another year, another conference. I'm running out of places but it's been a great run so far. This year's conference was nice, intimate and a lot of fun. The people that attended were great. They were interested and willing to put ideas into action.

Everyone wanted to know the results of my experiment of placing John J. Oliver, psychic detective, one of our guest speakers, into the mansions before our attendees went through to get his impressions and then compare them with the impressions and/or history of these mansions. Here are his impressions as we walked through each mansion.

Meek Mansion

1. Walking through the door, John felt that it had a long history of family.
2. Walking into the great room to the left, first floor, he felt that there was a lot of arguing in that room or heavy discussions.
3. Walking to the second floor, he felt as though there were deaths in some of the bedrooms to the left.
4. Walking to the bedroom that was the last to the left, he felt as though there was a woman in a long dress and a bun in her hair looking out the window on the right and that a man in period dress was looking out the window on the left. This was actually a sitting room that was part of the bedroom.
5. Walking to the servants quarters on the right side of that floor, the second room most western, he felt that there was a rape that occurred in that room, not a violent act, but a rape nonetheless.
6. On the third floor where the children's play room was, he felt as though there was sickness in that room. There were children but some were sick or displayed a sickness.
7. In the cuppola, he felt as though a man of the house would go up there and think or that it was his office and that he paced up there a lot.

McConaghy House

1. Upon first walking into the house, you walk into the kitchen. He said there was very heavy residual impressions. He explained that there was a lot going on but that it was residual, layer upon layer, probably over many years of different things going on.
2. He walked into the hall and standing on the stairwell felt as though someone had been watching us as we were in the kitchen and walked into the hallway. He said he also felt as though someone had run passed us as we ascended the stairs through the hallway.
3. The room in the front felt as though someone was still there, just sitting, as though waiting.
4. The second floor has a series of rooms and the first to the west, which is behind or to the left up the stairs, had a feeling of many, many people that stayed in that room.
5. The room next to the left, most east, had a feeling of someone looking out that window and feeling as though they are lonely.
6. Across the hall in Mary's room, he felt loneliness, depression, a feeling of not being able to relax as though there were unfinished business and a feeling of why did they miss an opportunity.
7. The room in the front of that towards the front of the house, he felt as though someone had died in that room and was not happy at all. There seemed to be a very tense feeling.
8. John had a feeling of deja vu and vividly described being there in another time, perhaps in a dream, and coming out of the room that was locked and across the hall and pouring tea, picking it up after stirring it and taking a drink from a fragile, porcelain beautiful cup. He had that feeling twice once quickly and second in a complete beginning-to-end fashion.
9. In the attic, he felt as though this was a place where a young girl (?16-17) and boy would secretly meet to be together. He had no bad feelings in this area.

John spent a great deal of time in these houses and even walked the perimeter of them trying to pick up one impressions. While he had no impressions regarding the perimeter of the McConaghy house, he did not feel completely safe about the Meek Mansion. There were many reports of homeless people hanging around outside and drug dealing and drinking going on inside the park itself. We decided to stay where the other people were to be safe.

The conference was great and I, myself am now a great fan of John Oliver and his abilities. While I had seen him on "Haunting Evidence" and had heard of him, I did not have an opportunity prior to this to know him. He is a wonderful man, generous of time, gracious when talking to him. I hope to again cross paths with him in the future as he touched everyone at the conference in one way or another.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finding Other Groups For Referrals

Every day I receive roughly 25-30 emails, sometimes more, hardly ever less. Considering I have more than one email address, it makes for a long day sometimes. I find that emails can be difficult to answer when I can't answer someone who doesn't have a question or wish to exchange normal, rational dialog.

When I begin communicating with a person who truly requires help, I do what I can via email to assist but obviously I'm limited due to distance and the necessity for the client to remain "invisible". The client is usually nervous, scared, embarrassed, etc. It would be my job in the beginning to make them feel as comfortable as I could to get them to open up to me regarding their problem. Once that is accomplished and the simple techniques I use either help to a point or don't help and distance is an issue, I have to refer the case out.

Referring a case out to someone else after making the client feel comfortable can be a terrifying experience for them. They have opened up to you and feel comfortable with you and you have taken them at their most vulnerable by listening to what they feel are their most intimate secrets and very possibly, something they haven't told anyone else and now you have to refer them out.

How do you find a group that thinks as you do? How can you know how they will be handled with respect to their privacy when every group seems to want to put their information on youtube or myspace? How do you keep this intimate relationship you have formed with your client such that they will still be able to seek out help?

The unfortunate answer is you can't. You can do your best to search and research groups that are out there and then finally make a decision on one but it's definitely a hit-and-miss situation. You can email the group's leader or talk to them on the phone but you don't really know how they will handle the client you are turning over to them and can only hope that they receive the great treatment you have given.

You don't know the other group's methodology (which can be important to some people) nor the way they perform their investigations and research. This again brings up the point of sharing and communication among groups. Unfortunately, that is not ever going to happen.

As I've said in the past, there are still many, many groups out there that think that they have the ultimate photograph, video, recording that is going to make them famous, make them a star, make them a mega-millionaire, whatever the next bunch of big words are after these. The truth is that this is not going to happen. While "Ghost Hunters" were the first bunch to have a TV show and then the trickle down effect has brought us to "Ghost Adventures", all the many, many paranormal programs in between have not made it to the point of either of these programs and the interest is now not only waxing but waning and eventually, not too long from now, will be discontinued all together. I, for one, am happy about this. In the same way that Bigfoot research came and went and also the UFO craze came and went, this will also.

Looking at the many groups that HAD websites out there, many are now gone, their domains not renewed, their groups disbanded.

Finding a good group to help your client has now become quite a challenge and hopefully, somehow you will be able to find a good, caring group out there for your client. They deserve caring people just as they had you.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ghost Hunters vs. Ghost Adventures

I have been writing a lot of Twitters lately and have totally been immersed in business since our conference is coming up in May and putting out many fires but I figured it's time to address some things that have been sent to me regarding my thoughts on "Ghost Hunters" vs. "Ghost Adventures".

While I don't know the guys from "GH", I am well aware and familiar with the guys from "GA".

Here are the differences as I seem them:

1. GH guys are older, a bit more abrupt and seemingly distant. GA guys are younger, energetic, fun loving.
2. GH guys are East coast and have that mentality. GA guys are West coast and have that mentality. If you don't know the differences, it's difficult to explain.
3. With the GH guys, quite honestly, I've not heard good things about them from other camps, as well as from event coordinators and attendees where they've shown up for guest appearances. GA guys are VERY available for pictures, fun and are great at events.

Now, you may have had a different experience with either of these two groups and that's great. I don't mind being wrong. But, I can see why some people do feel the way they do if these things are not going as well as they had hoped. I know the producers for GH are a bit more pushy as having had a discussion with them once regarding an investigation they wanted to do and wanted my material on the places involved. I refused to give it. The GH guys should do the leg work just as I had done to come up with their own information and not have to rely on mine. The GH guys also only spend a matter of time at their investigations (roughly four hours).

The GA guys' producers are nice guys willing to assist in any way they can but want the GA guys to gather their own material. The GA guys' produce their own material, have creative say in the way that it's done and know what they want. The GA guys spend roughly a week in a place minus the actual "lockdown" they do checking, researching, exploring the towns surrounding the area and the area itself. I know this from experience as we spent a week together when filming the castle episode.

I don't want to give an opinion of either group but I do have to say that from experience only, I would work with the Ghost Adventures guys any day. They are such fun, have such a genuine interest, attempt to keep up with the knowledge out there and just work very hard at giving everyone such a good experience both on and off camera. It doesn't hurt that they are nice on the eyes too!!

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Doing What I Do Best ~ Ragging On Others

Yes, yes, yes. It is what I do best. But I believe it's a necessity to say something when things don't seem right. Unfortunately, not enough people say anything because it's not "PC" or they don't want to hurt someone's feelings or.....I don't know what. I think it's better to say something than to let someone believe things are okay and make themselves look silly.

I must admit that I am brutally honest and will tell you what I think. I'm not saying bad things to hurt anyone but again, I don't want them to look silly. So, you must be thinking who made me the "honesty police"? Nobody. I'm just honest and tell it like it is. People don't like it but there are a lot of people like me and we just rub people the wrong way. Sorry about that.

So, again, we talk about paranormal conferences. It's that time of the year. For those of you that know about me, I tend to sit back and watch. Watch what others are doing. See how they are doing it. Not because I follow others but because, at least on the West Coast, our group has set the precedent for paranormal conferences. When conferences were first beginning to be held back in 2002, we started out with a cocktail reception. Now, everybody does it. We started out with having a bonus attraction. Now, everybody does it. So, now I must begin my ragging on a new conference that is trying hard to form and that is ..... a virtual conference.

I was sent an email because I lectured at a conference last year and therefore, I was suddenly on this list. Interestingly, the person sending this email to me was someone I always wanted to meet. I had seen him on TV numerous times and he was just someone I wanted to meet. I felt like a kid in a candy store when I did finally meet him at that conference I spoke at and he turned out to be someone who was similar to a movie star with their nose in the air as they walk past you totally ignoring you. I was kinda devastated. You build up certain people in your mind and that bubble pops when they turn out to be stuck up. I hate that.

That is not a moving force in my writing this blog about ragging on conferences but it didn't help much. His email to me was basically that he wanted to put on a virtual conference and did I want to be an exhibitor. Getting something like that from someone says, hey, send me money. Yeah. Right. I bet you have a bridge to sell me too.

So, he says why are conferences "failing"? Is it the economy? Yes, according to him. Hmmmm, no, no, no. That is not why conferences are failing. Conferences are failing because they are being held in the same old spots with the same old people that say the same old things. There is nothing new and refreshing. They are herding people into places and expecting them to have an experience when you have too many people who keep running into each other. The information is the same old ragged stuff.

The same thing is happening with TV, namely, "Ghost Hunters", "Ghost Adventures" and all the other paranormal TV shows that are out there. They are going to the same places over and over again. Case in point. Ghost Hunters is going to start in a couple of weeks or so (I don't know because I don't watch it but saw it in a commercial on TV) and they are going back to Alcatraz. Alcatraz. I think the right wording is "OMG". Hasn't that been done to death? No pun intended.

I introduced the world (yes, I don't have a problem saying that anymore) to the Preston Castle. I found it and had it as our attraction at our conference. The castle is in a position that it is surrounded by many, many other paranormal groups and yet, I came along from another part of the state and found it. New. Exciting. Fun. Different.

Then I brought Ghost Adventures there. That worked well. Now, Ghost Hunters has just gone there. Wow. The same old thing.

So why can't others find stuff? Why can't they find something new, exciting, fun and different? I don't know. What I do know is virtual conference is silly and I'm not afraid to say so. They will put this thing together, get to rub elbows with the guest speakers, get paid money to have people watch and you, the consumer, the ghost hunter, the paranormal investigator will get nothing out of this. You get to sit in the comfort of your home and watch on your 15" or 17" monitors waiting patiently if you have dial-up or while the pictures load. You don't get to walk in the place they are investigating. You don't get to talk to that special guest speaker and get snubbed as I did or actually get to talk to them if they are friendly. You don't get to socialize with other ghost hunters OR exchange ideas, techniques, tips or pictures.

The economy has slowed down some people, but ghost hunters and paranormal investigators are a hardy bunch. We have endurance, stamina and the knowledge that if we want to learn we have to go out there and learn. We don't wait for anything to happen. We make it happen. A conference is something that you have to experience at least once. You will never forget it nor will it stop you from doing it again. There are so many vibrant people all with exceptional ideas, stories, and lives. I would hope that these people who want to put this virtual conference on will reconsider because we do this for those that want to learn and experience. A virtual conference is not something that can be experienced although you can learn online.....anywhere, anytime and anything.

It's not something I like doing ~ ragging on anyone but it's tough to be brutally honest and tell it like it is. Someone needs to do it because of things like a "virtual" conference.

We need to get back together and begin to learn and experience again.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Socialization Conferences - The Next Trend?

I was honored to be asked to be a speaker at a conference in Florida recently. I was elated being able to visit another new state and to meet some people speaking there I've always wanted to meet. I still do get excited at meeting people who I believe have helped the paranormal community in a positive way. I still have "heroes".

I was in the air for almost 8 hours. The minute I touched ground and got off the plane, I found out it was to be go, go, go. No jet lag allowed. No resting. No checking into a hotel. Just run errands and then have dinner while meeting people. Great. I was hot and sweaty, didn't have much makeup on and old clothes. Who dresses up to fly? Certainly not me. I tried to take it in stride but it was hard to smile after passing the time zones and being crunched in a full plane, having a lot of luggage to tote (I'm big on having everything when I travel) and listening to babies and children wail and cry. Ugh!!

Finally, I was able to sleep after three additional hours following my plane trip. Interestingly, I guess it was still expected to drink some more.

I got to sleep in the next day but time was wasting. I was told not to rent a car and drive myself (which I do love doing) I would be taken care of and needed to be driven. Following a long wait for the car to be ready to take me as well as others, I had to meet a woman who I would be with for the rest of the weekend. She was my conference confidante. She was the woman with the answers. I liked her....a lot. She was like me, to the point and all sass, but in a nice, southern way.

All weekend seemed to be about socialization. Everything was about having a drink and talking to people. I have no problem with doing any of that but it was every day. No getting past it. I found that this trip was not going to give me any "me" time. "Me" time is something I LOVE when going on trips. I get to pamper myself in my room on my time. I bring all the necessities or purchase them after arrival. I got no "me" time this time around. Disappointing but that's how it goes sometimes.

I was expected to be clean, sharp, made up and dressed at all times. While that didn't happen, I tried to give my presentation in a room which was hot, had no way to see any sights, had no speakers for my (or anyone else's presentation) and had to be social through it all. I didn't mind. The people that went to the conference were wonderful. They were gracious, most were interested, asked questions and were great to talk with. I don't try to change people's minds if they already have a mind set but just offer new suggestions. You can't change everyone.

I arrived at this conference early hoping to see some sights in this state. I left early because I couldn't. I loved every minute that I was at this conference and met some people that I've always wanted to meet and made my own opinions regarding them. I wouldn't trade all that for the world.

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